The Right to Tell

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There has never been a famine in any country that has been a democracy with a relatively free press.”- Amartya Sen

Today is the World Press Freedom Day. Pablo has a set of links on their blog. I would add the World Bank publication ‘The Right to Tell’ to the list.

In Maldives the day was celebrated with;

“…riot police assaulted three international press freedom monitors on Wednesday evening, following a government crackdown on World Press Freedom Day celebrations in Male’.

At least six people were also arrested including Minivan sub-editor Nazim Sattar, who was detained while translating for the foreign delegation as they spoke with ‘Star Force’ police.

Vincent Brossel from Reporters Without Borders, Thomas Hughes from International Media Support and Sadaf Arshad from the South Asia Press Commission are part of an international delegation currently in Maldives to assess the state of the media.”

There is large gap between rhetoric and reality when it comes to press freedom in a lot of places across the world.

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What about India in the post colonial era of the 1940s and 1950s? It had democracy, a free press and famines.


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