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Goodbye, Landline!


Since the average total cost per minute is extravagant (roughly a minimum of 25¢ per minute of actual talk time), today I am having our landline telephone service disconnected.

The unused monthly cell phone family plan minutes will easily cover the minimal landline use, and for no additional charge.

Many have blogged about this, but I feel nothing... no nostalgia... no concern that an era is dying... no fear that the power will go out, and six hours later my cell will go dead along with the tower's battery backup.

But what to do with that extra dollar a day?

Can Google bring democracy to Arabs?

Technology never ceases to amaze me;

“Since Bahrain’s government blocked the Google Earth website earlier this year for its intrusion into private homes and royal palaces, Googling their island kingdom has become a national pastime for many Bahrainis.

The site allows internet users to view satellite images of the world in varying degrees of detail. When Google updated its images of Bahrain to higher definition, cyber-activists seized on the view it gave of estates and private islands belonging to the ruling al-Khalifa family to highlight the inequity of land distribution in the tiny Gulf kingdom.

A senior government official told the Financial Times that Google Earth had allowed the public to pry into private homes and ogle people’s motor yachts and swimming pools. But he acknowledged that the government’s three-day attempt to block the site had proved counterproductive.

It gave instant publicity to Google Earth and contributed to growing sophistication among Bahrainis in circumventing web censorship.

It also provided more ammunition to democracy activists ahead of parliamentary elections this Saturday, the second since King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa began introducing limited political reforms in 2001. “

Via FP blog.

Mahmood’s Den
Bahrainis use Google Earth to spy on royals' palaces

My Stock Broker is an ANN

Its seems like Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are ready to invade the stock markets;

“Artificial intelligence is becoming so deeply integrated into our economic ecostructure that some day computers will exceed human intelligence,” Mr. Kurzweil tells a room of investors who oversee enormous pools of capital. “Machines can observe billions of market transactions to see patterns we could never see.”…

But some are aware that a former Microsoft executive and chairman of the Nasdaq stock market, Michael W. Brown, is an investor in Mr. Kurzweil’s new hedge fund, FatKat, and that Bill Gates once described him as “the best person I know at predicting the future of artificial intelligence.” …

“Five years ago it would have taken $500,000 and 12 people to do what today takes a few computers and co-workers,” said Louis Morgan, managing director of HG Trading, a three-person hedge fund in Wisconsin. “I’m executing 1,500 to 2,000 trades a day and monitoring 1,500 pairs of stocks. My software can automatically execute a trade within 20 milliseconds — five times faster than it would take for my finger to hit the buy button.”

Studies estimate that a third of all stock trades in the United States were driven by automatic algorithms last year, contributing to an explosion in stock market activity. Between 1995 and 2005, the average daily volume of shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange increased to 1.6 billion from 346 million….

Google’s next product- Google Medicine?

Would Google replace doctors?

“Doctors facing a patient with unusual symptoms could well be advised to use Google to try to pinpoint the cause, a study published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) suggests.

Australian doctors were given 26 real-life cases of individuals who had fallen sick with relatively rare disorders.

They were not told what diagnoses had been given in these case reports but did a Google search based on the symptoms that were presented.

Google returned the right diagnosis in 15 out of the 26 cases – an accuracy rate of 58 per cent.”


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