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Cowrie Shells used to exported from the Maldives which were a form of money used in the ancient world.

More on primitive forms of money;

Porcelain-like shells from mollusks found mainly in the Indochina-Pacific region were the first kind of money to circulate freely in trade in the ancient world.

World's Most Amazing Islands

Photo of the Day

US Marines and Maldivian Defense Forces enjoying a traditional dance;


On Drugs and Alcohol

An interesting quote from an EU observer;

Aside from dynastic politics, the delegation were struck by “how little is done against drugs,” by Gayoom’s administration. “It makes no sense to have all [incoming] luggage screened systematically [for alcohol] when you can buy heroin in Malé in the street...this is more than ridiculous,” our source said.

Rumours of public officials profiteering from the drugs trade have long existed among Maldivians but it seems their concerns are now shared by the European Union. “One [alcohol] is heavily regulated in order to make a profit. The other is heavily deregulated – perhaps in order to make a profit as well,” our source added.

Top 10 endangered sites due to Global Warming

Antarctica: the Müller ice shelf and the Larsen ice shelf are shrinking dramatically.

Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: global warming is blamed for melting of the year-round snows at the summit of Africa's highest mountain. They could be gone in 15 years.

The Arctic ice cap: the melting of icebergs and ice caps in the Arctic is blamed on global warming and threatens the habitats of species such as polar bears.

The Maldives: rising sea levels (3½in per year) could make these 1,200 islands in the Indian Ocean uninhabitable within 100 years.

Venice: the Italian city is sinking into the Adriatic and rising sea levels could make things worse.

Alaska: American travel agents report thousands heading for the shrinking glaciers and melting permafrost.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia: it's been predicted that rising water temperatures, which are bleaching the famously vivid reefs, will kill 95 per cent of the living coral by 2050.

Kitzbuhel, Austria: the home of the world's most fearsome ski run is among low-lying Alpine ski resorts whose long-term futures are threatened by rising temperatures - on average the warmest they have been for 1,250 years.

Galapagos Islands: rising water temperatures are bleaching coral and causing the deaths of marine species.

Patagonia: South American glaciers are also retreating.

From The Telegraph

Meet The Maldives

Headline of the Day


Convicted prisoner re-arrested while trying to intimidate Magistrate
A man who had been sentenced to 24 years in jail on three separate drug convictions was re-arrested last night while he was trying to intimidate a magistrate of the Criminal Court

Maldivians in Kerala, India

Maldivian men come shopping for brides in a big way in Kerala where women outnumber men (1,058 to 1,000) and it is a big business for the brokers in the poor fishing hamlets of Poonthura, Bheemapally and Vallakkadavu. “We don’t encourage such marriages. But we are helpless when the parents certify that the prospective groom is decent and capable of looking after their daughter,” A Saifudheen Haji, president of Vallakkadavu Jama’at Committee, said. “Some 100 marriages were registered in my area alone in the past ten years. Some poor families receive regular remittances from the Maldives to sustain themselves but some marriages have ended in tragedy,” he said.

Since the late eighties, people from the archipelago of over 300,000 inhabitants, whose per capita income is four times more, come to Kerala in large numbers for leisure, treatment or education of their children and make it their second home. At least 5,000 families have made the state’s capital Thiruvananthapuram their second home. More than half of some 100,000 medical tourists who arrived in Kerala last year were from the Maldives and there are daily flights from Thiruvananthapuram to Male, just half-an-hour flight away.

-Drive against ‘Mali’ marriages launched

The story is blown out of proportion- as is typical in India. Anyway the issues are real and sad.

Fishing the Maldives Way


Pole and line is the typical way

Scientists Protect Corals from Warming Oceans
Corals could resist climate change

Enjoy these videos of stingrays being hand fed; Video 1 ,Video 2 and Video 3

Britain could annex Maldives territory?

Former Attorney General recently warned;

The former Attorney General told an opposition rally last night Britain may take exclusive control of forty square miles of Indian Ocean off the Maldives south coast, because the Government has failed to contest a legal claim dating back to the 1990s.

Yesterday he told a rally of opposition parties that the Maldives Government had failed to contest a claim by the UK Government to all waters within a two hundred mile radius of a British base on Diego Garcia, which intrudes into Maldivian waters by forty square miles...

The former Attorney General said the Finance Ministry had refused his department’s request to pay legal fees of $1,000 a day and the President’s Office had instructed him to seek foreign aid.

“The Government only finds money when it wants to, for example to build the nine storey police headquarters,” he told an audience of over a thousand in the Dhaarubaruge conference centre.

Key military outposts

Is it Global Warming?

Is this legal?

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A hotel in Australia calls it Breakfree Maldives

The Maldives- a music band from Seattle

So what should the country, the Maldives, to do about it?

Telegraph Travel Awards



Favourite Destination Worldwide
1. New Zealand
2. Maldives
3. Australia

Best Specialist Travel Organiser
1. Trailfinders
2. Airline Network
3. Travelbag

Expenditure on luxury travel, excluding domestic trips, totals around $180 billion a year or $7,200 per arrival, however, this could in reality amount to around $20,000 per arrival as most international trips involve more than one destination.


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