Britain could annex Maldives territory?

Former Attorney General recently warned;

The former Attorney General told an opposition rally last night Britain may take exclusive control of forty square miles of Indian Ocean off the Maldives south coast, because the Government has failed to contest a legal claim dating back to the 1990s.

Yesterday he told a rally of opposition parties that the Maldives Government had failed to contest a claim by the UK Government to all waters within a two hundred mile radius of a British base on Diego Garcia, which intrudes into Maldivian waters by forty square miles...

The former Attorney General said the Finance Ministry had refused his department’s request to pay legal fees of $1,000 a day and the President’s Office had instructed him to seek foreign aid.

“The Government only finds money when it wants to, for example to build the nine storey police headquarters,” he told an audience of over a thousand in the Dhaarubaruge conference centre.

Key military outposts


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