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For a really long time, the Washington Post online kept asking me "What's Your Boss Make?":


To me the phrasing felt odd, but couldn't be called incorrect, so I hit print-screen, meaning to look up this peculiarity later. Someone must of complained about it though, as the WaPo has recently started asking "What Does Your Boss Make?":


I do use "What's" to shorten "What does", but not at all frequently. Is this a regional usage?

Economists and blogs

Greg Mankiw links to an article in LA Times on economics blogs (the article mentions that Lawrence Summers writes a blog- I’m not sure whether this is the case).

Recently The Economist had two articles on economics blogs; Pigou or NoPigou? and Economists' blogs; The invisible hand on the keyboard.

As for me one reason why I blog relates to the fact in high school the economics teacher we had showed up to class for about 3 months of the two year period. I wish we had access to economics blogs or for that matter the internet. If I had been of any help to any student in similar circumstances I would have achieved my main objective.

My challenge for Econ bloggers; To sponsor a student (high school or undergraduate) in a developing country, be a tutor and mentor for him/her and be a personal guide till the student finishes school.

Take This Internship


-Take This Internship and Shove It

Mankiw gives the following advice to his students;

“I recommend that every student planning a career as a professional economist try to spend a summer, or even a year, working at a place like the CEA, CBO, or the Fed.”

Globalization's Impact on China?

Dinner last night was a fabulous meal of cashew chicken and scallops at Peking Gourmet Inn. As is expected at US chinese food establishments, the bill was delivered with two fortune cookies. The text of my Chinese Fortune:

German Proverb: No trees touch the sky.


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