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Five Rules for telling a Joke

- Pick your moments. It's easiest to tell a joke when everyone's relaxed and enjoying themselves. Telling a joke to relieve tension is a high-risk strategy, but potentially hilarious. Besides, there'll be other funerals.

- Know where you're going - the punchline - before you start

- Don't be tempted to over-elaborate. Eddie Izzard makes it look easy, but remember that one man's surreal flight of fancy is another man's rambling, incoherent humiliation.

- Project a demeanour of relaxed confidence - it gives your listener permission to laugh. You can try deadpan, but social joke-telling usually requires the teller to laugh too.

- Enjoy it. If your entire self-esteem is resting on whether people laugh at your joke, then you're doing it for the wrong reasons. On the other hand, you are showing signs of the borderline personality disorder that characterises all the best comedians, so perhaps you should consider telling jokes for a living.

Via Mind Hacks- How to be funny

Is this the perfect comedy face?

The Naked Jape: Uncovering the Hidden World of Jokes by Jimmy Carr, Lucy Greeves

A Concept Map of Microsoft Office 2007

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A cool concept map of MS Office 2007 resources by MS Office evangelist, Don Campbell.

This and That across the Web

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How to Improve Your Memory


“The keys are to improve your imagination and to improve your ability to associate and locate things. When you do that you are automatically training your creativity and memory, enabling yourself to focus and concentrate more. It's simply a matter of sticking to that task, as any athlete would, so that you become fit in that area.”
-Tony Buzan

“He was often so preoccupied with ideas that he forgot what he was doing. Once, reportedly, he was giving a tour of a Glasgow tannery, and he absent-mindedly fell right into the tannery pit, from which his friends extricated him”
-Jim Powell, referring to absent-mindedness of Adam Smith


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