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Vice Squad and other recent headlines

Five Arrested for Alleged Prostitution
Three men and two women were arrested in Male’ Henveiru, with “articles that may be used during sex.”

Gender Bar Removal: Adhaalath Say Against Shari'ah
The religious conservative Adhaalath party has said it condemns the move to allow women to be elected as Maldives' President.

Can Gayoom stand for President again?

Even before and after the Chapter on the President of the Republic was amended, opposition MPs had requested Speaker Qasim Ibrahim to clear any confusion whether the work that was being carried out was amending the current Constitution or coming up with a new Constitution.

Qasim replied that from the letters sent by President Gayoom to the Majlis, and from the regulations regulating the Majlis, it was evident that the Constitution was being amended, not that a new Constitution was being established. When he said that, he received applause from opposition MPs and some members of the public who attended the sitting.

40 MPs against removal of gender bar to Presidential office

Civil Court evicts tenants who had overpowered landlady

The court passed a verdict to evict Ibrahim Shareef and Ibrahim Afeef (from Male) and Maryam Ali (from Thaa atoll Thimarafushi) and Yoosuf Hussain (from Laamu atoll Kunahandhoo).

Afeef works at Maldives Customs Service and is a lawyer who tends to civil cases. He is also an MP for Baa atoll at the People's Special Majlis, the interim constitutional assembly tasked with amending the Constitution....

The case filed by Aishath stated that Shareef and Afeef had taken over her home and refused access to the house to Aishath's representatives.

Jihad on a Tiny Scale

A Sri Lankan blogger writes;

Coming from a country with a raging internal conflict, personally, I am used to slightly more specialized weaponry. Like a suicide bombing. Or a Claymore mine. Or an AK-47. I find it difficult to comprehend a political assassination with a sharp pointed object first invented in the paleolithic era. It was not even a sword, a machete, or a rambo knife that was used; it was a kitchen knife, presumably stolen from a mother or a wife in the middle of cooking a tuna curry. How quaint, how homegrown…

via Foreign Policy blog ( I don''t know why the FP has classified it under Pacific- don't they know Maldives is in the Indian Ocean?)

Headline of the Day


Convicted prisoner re-arrested while trying to intimidate Magistrate
A man who had been sentenced to 24 years in jail on three separate drug convictions was re-arrested last night while he was trying to intimidate a magistrate of the Criminal Court

A European Singing in Dhivehi

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A European attempting to sing in the local language of Maldives, Dhivehi.


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