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A Happy Thanksgiving


Enjoy a Maldivian song.

When arrogance, politics and poor marketing meet

More Trouble in Paradise

Some recent headlines;

rouya.jpgBanned For Wearing The Buruga: Swimmer Speaks Out

Ansar Al Mujahideen Targets the Maldives

Police Accused Of Beating Detainee

When he refused to confirm police suspicions, Shuhaan says one of the two officers, neither of whom revealed their identities to him, punched him on the right cheek. A few minutes later the same officer punched him on the left cheek, and later twisted his wrist.

The second officer threatened to send him to Guantanamo Bay if he did not cooperate, Shuhaan alleges.

Parliament Rejects Freedom of Information Bill

Majlis Walk Out As President's Appointees Reject Impeachment Clause

Rare species of bird being seen in Maldives recently not a threat to farming

Increasing number of dead reef fish washing ashore

Woman who dealt drugs with her son given life sentence

Two men who threw coffee at Policeman’s face arrested

Taxi drivers propose to raise fare to Rf 20

Police investigate case of young girl who was sexually assaulted by physiotherapist

President's Niece Gives Photographer The Finger

Defy Veil Ban In Courts, Adhaalath Urges Women

Government “Playing Politics,” With The Economy: MDP

When giving away textbooks, stationery -- indiscriminately

Legal compensation only for some?

When former Justice Minister Mohamed Jameel Ahmed was asked whether one of the reasons for him resigning from the Cabinet post in early August included a rumored Governmental decision to illegally give an island for resort development to Abdulla Jabir, the former had said that that was also among the reasons for his resignation.

All roads lead to Pakistan

Maldives suspects 'in Pakistan'- BBC
Police in the Maldives say 10 suspects in a bomb attack on foreign tourists in September, which wounded 12, are on the run in Pakistan.

Richard Haass on CBS News: Pakistan is Biggest Threat to U.S. Security
Bhutto-Musharraf Face-off

Why is the US interested in the Maldives?

“…Also now in this sensitive time …when much of the Middle East is in turmoil, people are looking at the transition here, in the Maldives, as a potentially a very significant one, one in which democracy can take root,…a model for other countries to follow, democracy within an Islamic context-…I think that is part of the reason why United States is more closely looking at the Maldives…”
- US Ambassador to Maldives, Robert Blake

Video clips of the event- Part 1, Part 2
Former FM calls for national reconciliation government before Presidential elections
Government Snubs American Embassy Democracy Debate

Al Gore in the Maldives

A strange bit of news to some of you ;

Former Unites States’ Vice President and international environmental campaigner Al Gore’s Oscar-winning documentary was screened in Male last night as part of the celebrations of the US-Maldives Friendship Week.

Held in collaboration with the civil society NGO, Open Society Association, “An Inconvenient Truth” was screened at the Government-run Nasandhura Palace Hotel in Male for invitees....

At the conclusion of the screening, there was a session for question and answers but no one in the audience raised a hand; the film definitely spoke for itself.

What's Interesting

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For a really long time, the Washington Post online kept asking me "What's Your Boss Make?":


To me the phrasing felt odd, but couldn't be called incorrect, so I hit print-screen, meaning to look up this peculiarity later. Someone must of complained about it though, as the WaPo has recently started asking "What Does Your Boss Make?":


I do use "What's" to shorten "What does", but not at all frequently. Is this a regional usage?

Religion in the Maldives

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A recent Al Jazeera report;

Here is the part 1 of the program.

Shari’ah Expert Advocates Freedom Of Religion For Maldives

Mohammad Hashim Kamali a Shari’ah advisor to Government bodies in Malaysia and South Africa has called on the Maldives to allow expatriate non-Muslims freedom to worship and set up their own schools.


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