Religion in the Maldives

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A recent Al Jazeera report;

Here is the part 1 of the program.

Shari’ah Expert Advocates Freedom Of Religion For Maldives

Mohammad Hashim Kamali a Shari’ah advisor to Government bodies in Malaysia and South Africa has called on the Maldives to allow expatriate non-Muslims freedom to worship and set up their own schools.

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This is fascinating Paul. Thanks for posting the link.

With the extremely disparate range between the three sets of views, I feel like I learned more about the Maldivian situation than I had known before, and that is good. I don't quite understand why Al Jazeera is allowing diverse talking heads on their channel -- but perhaps the argument is partially that this is the English version of Al J. and they would not allow this on the Arabic version of Al J.

I am sad about the future of the Maldives. It appears that even were there to be "free and fair democratic elections" -- a low probability event no doubt -- there would be no systematic way for constitutional countervailing institutions to arise to effect the kind of long-term social characteristics that might make democratic control really work. Failing that, I would not expect that even the so-called liberal democratic "solution" could be sustained, and the Maldives would likely go the way of so many other countries that are unable to develop even after winning control by the demos.


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