Carnival of Carnivals

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Why is that in the most advanced country on the planet, more than 2 million parents insist that education ought to be the delivered by the parents; US Department of Education figure is around 1 million. As the Economist reports;

The market for teaching materials and supplies for home-schoolers is worth at least $850m a year. More than three-quarters of universities now have policies for dealing with home-schooled children. Support networks have sprung up in hundreds of towns and cities across the country to allow parents to do everything from establishing science labs to forming sports teams and defending their rights and reputation. When J.C. Penney started selling a T-shirt in 2001 that featured “Home Skooled” with a picture of a trailer home, the store faced so many complaints that it withdrew the item from sale.”

For more see Carnival of Home Schooling.

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1 Comment

Thank you for mentioning the carnival.

Dr. Brian Ray did a study of adults who had been homeschooled. (Home Educated and Now Adults) He found that as a group homeschoolers tended to be better educated than the general population. Something like 95% were glad they were homeschooled.


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