Disintegration of the Fear Barriers in the Middle East


Tom Palmer writes in the Reason magazine on Iraq;

“There is a chance that things will turn out well in Iraq, or at least not badly. Whatever the outcome, libertarians should be eager to assist the Iraqis in creating a free society. That’s why my Arab friends and I have established the Lamp of Liberty (misbahalhurriyya.org) to bring the message of liberty to both Iraqis and the wider Arab world. I am working with Iraqi libertarians who are trying to do the best they can under very difficult circumstances to combat fanaticism, terrorism, and statism. It’s a hard slog, but we have no choice.”

Egyptian sociologist and democracy activist, Saad Eddin Ibrahim is also hopeful about the prospects for democracy in Iraq, pointing out the positives the country has got - a sizeable middleclass, relatively literate population, rich in resources and ethnic diversity – all of which bode well for the development of a liberal democracy.

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I would highly recommend Professor Ibrahim’s speech above for anyone interested in understanding the current politics of middle east. He talks about the 7 candles of hope in the middle east (the increase in the number of Arab elections, the rinsing role of women and youth in the electoral process, expansion of public space through internet, blogs and Al-Jazeera, proliferation of printed media and the disintegration of the fear barriers, Kifaya or Enough movements).


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