Broadway Diplomacy- Will it work between Cuba and US?



A great country
exists in North America
Where I’ll get,
looking for my ideal world

What a great nation,
behind our immense sea
Where I am sure
my life will change

And I will triumph
My talent and luck will be my tools
Cause I will fight and the opportunity
In America will lie

Above might be one reason why last year alone some close to 3,000 Cubans were intercepted on the high seas by the US Coast Gourd Service. The lyrics are from a musical that premiered recently – The Havana Carnival. It’s the brainchild of U.S. director and playwright Tony Giordano and Italian Massimo Mastruzzi (in case you’re wondering the Mastruzzi of “Kaufmann, Kraay, and Mastruzzi’ Governance Indicators”); they hope the musical will contribute to "reducing the tensions" between the two countries.

In the musical , lead character Marianne chooses to live in Cuba;

“The plot of Giordano's musical revolves around the romance between Miguel, a Cuban singer, and Marianne, a dancer from the United States who comes to Havana for advanced training. It also addresses the difficulties the young couple have to face because their parents are completely opposed to their engagement….

"I'm not taking sides," said the playwright and director, who said he was "not influenced by any stereotypes whatsoever." He was, however, aware that his play may be misinterpreted by either side in the conflict.

That is "because, although my writing is not politicised," his play addresses "the rights of individuals" and their freedom "to become self-realised persons. Individuality is the most political issue one can struggle for in life," he said.

Will the people here in this ‘great free country’ of USA be able to see the ‘Havana Carnival’;

"…the producer of "Havana Carnival" has not managed to find his way to staging his musical on Broadway. "I would love to have it play in my country, but I don't know how that could happen," he said. "Now that it's going so well, I think people in the United States would like to see it."

May be US and Cuba may learn a bit from India and Pakistan.

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some more lyrics;

“Seize the opportunity
That life is escaping you
Histories, women, trips, pleasures,
growing, changing,
and starting all over...

“Looking at the World without pessimism
I can have everything in this world
Playing hard ball and with optimism
I will sing to the English queen.
The Vatican and the beautiful Italy
will want my singing and my flavor
I will be known in the ancient Galia,
From Puerto Rico to New York
I will be known in the ancient Galia,
From Puerto Rico to New York

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