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FYI, trackbacks have been disabled permanently, as the cost-risks of attack and abuse now greatly outweigh the infrequent benefit of sincere use.


I have found that posts of mine which are tracked back continue to draw visitors, sometimes even for a couple of years. Thus, given the opportunity, I am more inclined to link posts which offer backtracks. This is not insincere of me, but it wouldn't give you enough traffic to be a noticeable benefit.

I myself would as soon provide trackbacks and deal with the spam, but my host has chosen to disable them as the firewall was far less able to deal with them than with comment spam.

When T&B's comments were attacked a few months ago, my filtering software worked perfectly. However, the spike in activity crashed my host's server multiple times. Since nothing showed up on the front page, I didn't realize T&B was the cause. And recently the same type of attack seems to have happened on T&B's trackbacks; disabling them completely was my choice -- before my host decided for me.


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