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This is a fairly damning piece concerning French actions in Rwanda. Read it all. It has been said that the slow profress in Iraq has hindered the Bush administration from advancing human rights. This would be a tragedy as the world is largely still a mess. The first part of the article points out that English is now the popular language in Rwanda because it is identified as resisting the slaughter. It would also be interesting to see if attitudes towards capitalism also have turned favorable as well. That is as the left likes to identify Anglo-Saxon economic policy with capitalism do the people who embrace the language of Anglo-Saxon culture also embrace capitalism. This would be a nice development.

Link via The Corner

Also, don't miss the OC Register's series on Rick Warren concerning among other things, Rwanda.

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Bush is going crazy. He is shooting down any way out of the mess. Meanwhile, the US and the dollar are ready to collapse. The fight is to persuade the US Congress to adopt a real capital budget, and get out of the Thirty Years War in Iraq, Iran, etc.

The idea of an expanded war is the option of "stabilization" of the financial bubble. Look at the US bombing of Somalia, this is part of it. Force panic stricken people to do anything for a so-called "war economy".

Meanwhile, the widespread fraud of not reporting the true state of the Housing Market, is seen in the NY Times, Jan. 7th. Also see Moody's . The US Comerce Dept figures reported for new home sales both 1. significantly overstate the level of new home sales, and 2. understate the number of new homes listed for sale- inventory of homes for sale- due to Commerce's not taking account of people cancelling their contracts to buy new homes. see


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