Podcasts Carnival- World Cup Edition


How to Predict a Winner; After analysing the outcomes of 4500 international games Henry Stott gives his guide to the likely World Cup champions.

On Beckham and English Managers

Going global in a frenzy of football

Trends in Football Management; New research by Dr Sue Bridgewater from Warwick Business School has revealed that over 500 managers from the four top English divisions have been dismissed from their post since 1992 bringing damaging instability to the game. However she also outlines how a new professionalism in the post of manager is already achieving results on the pitch and could thus help managers stay post longer.

Damo's Bedside Guide to the World Cup: Everything you never knew you needed to know; The World Cup of football was the brain- child of FIFA's third president, Frenchman Jules Rimet. The World Cup was intended as more than just a sporting competition. Rimet was an idealist whose vision of the tournament had grown alongside the internationalist movement for peace that swept through Europe in the aftermath of World war One. Rimet had enormous optimism in the potential of football as a unifying force and believed that a truly international tournament, which brought together nations in a spirit of friendly competition, would help to diminish the threat of another Great War

Garry Richardson chats to footballing legend Pele, FA Chief Executive Brian Barwick and John Barnes.


Very Cool. I was thinking of doing the same thing but Im a bit lazy! I just heard that the USA team is compared to the Phoenix Suns this year. If so we are in for a high scoring affair.

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