Podcasts Carnival – Economics Edition

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Nouriel Roubini, an economist at New York University and a former U.S. Treasury official, talks with Bloomberg's Tom Keene in New York about the impact of monetary policy on the stock market, global economic growth risks and the outlook for the meeting of finance ministers from the Group of Eight nations in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Two Views on Global Development: Revive the Invisible Hand or Strengthen a "Society of States"? Deepak Lal, (Reviving the Invisible Hand: The Case for Classical Liberalism in the Twenty-first Century ), and Ethan Kapstein, (Economic Justice in an Unfair World: Toward a Level Playing Field) debate at Cato

Foreign Aid and Developing Economics

The Undercover Economist; Tim Harford acknowledges that Oscar Wilde's famous definition of a cynic - 'someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing' - is now commonly applied to economists (discussion starts later in the program)

Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity: Get Out the Shovel—Why Everything You Know is Wrong; Featuring John Stossel, Co-Anchor of ABC's 20/20

A New Era at the Federal Reserve: Some Challenges and Opportunities for Change; Featuring Shadow Open Market Committee members: Charles Plosser, Cochair; Anna Schwartz, Cochair; Gregory Hess; Lee Hoskins; Alan Stockman; Bennett McCallum; and Mickey Levy.

Harvard Kennedy School of Government Professor George Borjas, often called America’s “leading immigration economist,” discusses with James Reese the American immigration situation.

Dr. Roszbach, is a research economist at The Riksbank in Stockholm, the oldest central bank in the world, founded in 1668. He discusses with James Reese the banking systems in Sweden and Europe.

What IN: Inside Innovation Is All About (Business Innovation).

Mr. Risk Goes to Washington;Why Paulson will make a difference at Treasury

Medical Guesswork; when the effectiveness of most treatments cannot be demonstrated

Business in India; discussion with Simon Long, South Asia bureau chief of The Economist.

Science fiction and reality; a discussion about the latest Technology Quarterly in The Economist.

Making Poverty History: Slogan or Reality? Charles MacCormack, President, chief operating officer, and member of the board, Save the Children Federation

TCS Daily Hayek Series Event: The Creative Class vs. Capitalism (video)

Professor James Robinson, Harvard University, discusses the nature of institutional persistence and examines the mechanisms whereby elite minorities are able to manage the distribution of economic and political authority. See also an earlier post about him; Politician Proof Policy.

Happiness and Economics; Research by Professor Andrew Oswald has questioned the supposed link between economic growth and happiness and indicated that it may not be in our national interest to continue our focus on increased consumption

Melissa Hageman on Open Access; Information technology isn’t just for surfing the web and listening to audio. Developing countries can take advantage of ICT to increase transparency in governance, improve their financial infrastructure, or reduce waste. By linking people together across borders, information technology can also serve as a cheap way for sharing knowledge. Melissa Hageman of the Open Society Institute discusses open access initiatives in this podcast.

Anderson and Hoekman on International Trade; In this session, we step past our borders toward the question of international trade. Because it is the most basic unit of interaction between countries, trade is one of the building blocks for the development process. Kym Anderson, Lead Economist, and Bernard Hoekman, Research Manager, comment on trade liberalization and international negotiations

Robert Bates on Governance Systems and Political Effectiveness

Water Management in Australia; A new study by the CSIRO says the cost of water is set to rise dramatically, while politicians are arguing over who should have the ultimate responsibility for water management. So have the states neglected our water infrastructure? Should there be more water trading between regions? And will it take higher prices to finally force consumer change and less wastage?

The Wal-Mart Effect; Author Charles Fishman calls the giant US retailer Wal- Mart the world's most powerful company. He argues that it has had a profound effect on America - it has transformed its economy, its working life and the way it sees the world.

Torn Curtain - The Secret History of the Cold War; Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4.

The politics of abuse, and the abuse of politics; Spiked.com columnist Mick Hume says that the more acrimonious an argument or election contest appears to be, the less likely it is that anything of principle is really at stake. He says the current leadership battle at the top of British politics is evidence of this

Nine Lies about Global Warming; Are we being lied to about Global Warming? In a new publication Ray Evans argues that we are told nine big lies about Global Warming. We discuss the evidence and consensus on Global Warming with two scientists; Dr Michael Manton and Dr Vincent Gray.

Some more; Brad De Long has now started a series of podcasts- Afternoon Tea Podcasts.

Radio Economics is also starting a new series of podcasts.

World Bank News Podcasts and their other more useful podcasts.

University Warwick has more podcasts including the World Cup specials which I linked before.

And finally Microeconomics Lectures from a Berekely course (via Harry Clarke).

1 Comment

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