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Report on government as you would report to your siblings on the rental agent your mother hired to handle her Florida condo.”

I found Susan Rasky and Brad De Long’s list of advice to economists and journalists quite interesting. Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis also conducts a course for journalists- Supply, Demand & Deadlines – which I think is a great idea for other central banks to follow.

The best thing may be to just read op-eds and columns written by economists and well known economic columnists. I’ve tried to give a sample below;

Tyler Cowen’s latest Economic Scene column - Investing in Good Deeds Without Checking the Prospectus.

John Quiggin’s -When co-operation trumps competition- explains how the internet is changing our ideas about innovation

Virginia Postrel- Cash for kidneys -Legalizing incentives could encourage transplant donations, says a healthy donor.

Thomas Sowell , Random thoughts- When you have 90 percent of what you want, think twice before insisting on the other 10 percent.

John Kay- The Magic Kingdom could save Venice from destruction. If Venice were owned by the Disney Corporation, Venice would not be in peril

Paul Krugman- The Phantom Menace

Truth, bullshit and economics - Samuel Brittan

Edward Lotterman- Supply and Demand Effects Vary by Market

Arnold Kling- Are You a Conservative? Try this test.

Steven E. Landsburg- How Much Should Hotel Web Access Cost? Sometimes it's free. Sometimes it's $20 a day. Why?

Tim Harford- Buy! Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell! Sell! The rational explanation for stock market frenzies and crashes.

Yahoo Finance has columns by Charles Wheelan

Martin Wolf , David Warsh,, Daniel Gross, Sebastian Mallaby are also good.

Steven Levitt- Freakonomics

Sachs, Rogoff, Stiglitz, Schiller and Brad De Long have columns at Project Syndicate.

Rogoff’s open letter to Stiglitz is a classic.

Andrew Liegh has some advice for budding op-ed writers.

Let us know your favorite columnists.

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