I am as likely as anybody to say that business costs are high and that governments should do what it can to impose as few as possible. However, sometimes it is not that business costs are too high, but that some businesses just plain stink. A case in point is an article I ran across while perusing OC Blog which tells of United Plastics Group closing a plant in Anaheim. The OC Business Journal in which the article appears says that "The reason for the shift is a familiar one: the high cost of doing business here." I can say that whether costs are high or low the company would still be likely closing the plant. Other firms that this plant competes with face the same costs as UPIG. The difference is that UPIG is company that should have been barnkrupt a few years if not for the owners putting in more money. The company now is looking for anyway that it can compete. They are moving to Mexico because, one, their customers want a supplier there and, 2, they can't do it in the U.S. The company isnt called UPIG by its owners for nothing.


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