Al Qaeda’s Strategic Vision


Here’s a translation of what is said to be a key document of Al Qaeda; The Management of Savagery (via The Blotter). Some things that caught my eye in the book;

The most important skill of the art of administration that we must use is learning how to establish committees and specializations and dividing labor so that all the activities do not fall on the shoulders of a single person or small group of people, in addition to training all of the individuals and passing on practical knowledge until (the point is reached) that if one manager disappears another will arise (to take his place). And it is necessary that each individual be trained in all or a large part of the branches so that it is possible to pass on skills, according to need, from one place to another. Of course, this is without the individuals knowing the secrets of the branches in which they do not work; rather, I mean training and passing on practical knowledge, such as skills and techniques, and no more.

The mastery of the art of administration saves a lot of time and blesses the effort exerted (to acquire it), especially since we are in a race against time and we need to undertake any effort in such a way that we get the best results….

We must make use of books on the subject of administration, especially the management studies and theories which have been recently published, since they are consonant with the nature of modern societies. There is more than one site on the Internet in which one can obtain management books.”


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