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Google has a new feature- Google US Government Search;

I tried searching for following report from GAO about Treasury’s influence on advancing US interests in the IMF- I couldn’t find it through the Google search engine. Here’s the findings in brief;

“The Department of the Treasury has sustained a formal process for advancing U.S. policies at the IMF. A task force facilitates coordination between Treasury and the U.S. Executive Director and identifies early opportunities to influence decisions of IMF members. Since our September 2005 report, the task force has continued to meet on a regular basis to identify opportunities to advance legislative mandates at the IMF. Treasury continues to promote the task force as a tool for monitoring and promoting legislative mandates and other policy priorities by, for example, including discussion on crosscutting policy issues such as debt relief and focusing attention n on both present and prospective IMF programs.

We have identified 70 legislative mandates that prescribe U.S. policy goals at the IMF, which is similar to the numbers we reported in our previous reports. Since our last report, 9 mandates have either replaced older mandates or represented amendments to mandates, and 1 mandate, concerning direct support to the central government of Cambodia, has expired. Treasury continues to notify the U.S. Executive Director about new mandates through instruction letters.”


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