Dividends are Gifts?

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The summaries of New York Times articles on the front page are sometimes wildly off the mark, like the summary for this one:

Since when have profits earmarked for the owners of a company been considered "gifts"? Should we now consider the act of buying shares in a company as charity?

UPDATE (7/21, 10:44 AM): It seems the Times web editors have had a change of heart:


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I say yes. That way I can write off all my trades as charitable donations on my tax returns. If I buy bad stock, at least I get a break at the end of the year. And imagine the inspiration people would have to start investing. The whole darn country might be invested in the market! And then it'll be "too big to fail!" After all, that idea kept people confident in Enron, right?

The more I think about it, the better that idea gets...


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