Regarding T&B Traffic and Bandwidth

The lack of new posts on T&B has not stopped traffic from reaching absurd levels for us. My posts (1,2) on the Iraqi Dinar have been receiving ~1000 hits a day from search engines. This seemed to have no drawback until jobbers and speculators used one post as a forum. Before I knew it, more than 1700 comments (now archived elsewhere) were put on a single post. (Note that if you want to talk about the Iraqi Dinar, I suggest the Investors' Iraq Forum). At the climax, each download of the post was about ~1MB in bandwidth--requiring 2GB of bandwidth in 24 hours.

I point this out because I can now prove that spontaneous order exists by pointing to one that I own--one based on trust, reciprocity, and mutual assistance in the pursuit of speculative profit. What was the function of this order? The commenters exchanged information on how and from whom to buy Iraqi Dinar (on ebay and elsewhere), when and where exchange of currency could take place in the US, etc.; more importantly they tried to grasp the actual economic situation in Iraq by means of presenting and debating the little information available. I think they're wildly over-optimistic about the future exchange rate of the Dinar, and I've said so by not speculating on Dinar at all, even though the folks tell me I'm losing out on the opportunity to become a millionaire...

I made no sustained or difficult effort to support the spontaneous order--the people did it themselves--but I wound up creating a public good.

Then along came an intellectual entrepreneur who provided a superior product--a new, more sensible and sustainable format for comments. I still get the search engine hits, but I send the speculators to the competition, a real-world Macy's sending customers to Gimbals so they find exactly what they're looking for...


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