"Steep Budget Cuts"

How did I miss W's Steep Budget Cuts?

Federal workers have told presidential transition leaders they feel rudderless, their morale impacted by the Bush administration's opposition to industry regulation, steep budget cuts or the departures many months ago of Bush political appointees.

-- Carol D. Leonnig, "Widespread Complaints About a Rudderless Government", WaPo, 11/6/2008

But for the public who wants to pay for the work the government actually performs, is the outrage that Bush cut the budgets that would have paid for projects these civil servants wanted to work on, or that he didn't also cut the budgets that paid for the civil servants?

Federal employees said that they are not a passionately partisan group


Hundreds of federally-employed scientists, researchers and agency lawyers have drafted, studied and restudied regulations that went nowhere.

The head of your organization makes it absolutely clear that he's not interested in X. You do X anyway. He basically ignores your work. You feel bad. Yet, you still have a career, and now you have hope.


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