For the first time since the end of 1994, we can have normal politics and policymaking--can discuss what policies are best for America, and what America should be.

-- Brad DeLong

This snippet exemplifies both why I don't read Brad's site often, but also why I do go back. Even when I agree with him in principle or in part -- many intellectuals I know feel that W's administration has been tone deaf to their smarts and outputs -- at times I find myself wondering if Brad really means what he writes, or realizes that sometimes what he writes contains a refreshingly honest take on the relationship between left-or-right intellectuals and partisan politics.

Brad cannot possibly mean that he and others couldn't even DISCUSS their preferred Federal government policies while the Democrats had less power.... I'd say that by "discuss", he really means "impose"; that's uncharitable of me to point out, I think, the truth.

Of course, libertarians have had generations to get used to discussion not turning into policy. It's part of our tradition! :) I suppose intellectuals whose politics are part of the regular cycle simply get used to having their turn, and don't see academic-policy discussion as separate from implementation.


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