Goodbye, Landline!


Since the average total cost per minute is extravagant (roughly a minimum of 25¢ per minute of actual talk time), today I am having our landline telephone service disconnected.

The unused monthly cell phone family plan minutes will easily cover the minimal landline use, and for no additional charge.

Many have blogged about this, but I feel nothing... no nostalgia... no concern that an era is dying... no fear that the power will go out, and six hours later my cell will go dead along with the tower's battery backup.

But what to do with that extra dollar a day?


The obsolescence of landlines is a major reason the telcos, especially Verizon, resisted offering so-called "naked DSL."

Which in turn was a major reason I switched to cable Internet access.

We disconnected our long distance service a few months back and have been happy to have the extra $20 or so dollars per month in savings (our monthly cost of having long distance service).

I also do not have a landline. The only drawback was when we needed an ambulance, it took longer to get there. Where I live the cell 911 calls go to the county seat and they had to transfer me to my town.

So, I have been considering getting a landline, just for emergency as insurance on having a critical extra minute of emergency response time.



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