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There is a lot to say about Brink Lindsey's article proposing a Libertarian/Progressive alliance, unfortunately all of it is bad. However, I'll be brief. My question to Brink is what in the last 25 years suggests that Democrats/leftists could embrace capitalism? Haven't they spent most of that time crying and warning of impending doom every step of the way. Yeah yeah yeah, there have been a few instances when they have backed something libertarians agree with. But, what is there record on Ag subsidies? That is one where you say there is agreement. A trip down memory lane will remind you that it was Republicans who passed the Freedom to Farm Act. Also, it was Tom Daschle in a brief stint as majority leader who pushed through renewed subsidies just as they were set to expire.

Also Brink, are aware that California Democrats tried to pass single payer health care in California only to have it vetoed by Arnold. How will that go down on a national scale? Do you remember last time Democrats tried something like that? Remember what happened?

Or should we forget that many of these people embraced the most wicked ideology last century and spent most of the time apologizing for it? I could go on, but I said I would be brief. There is no way in hell that I would ever form an alliance with these people. I would rather lose election after election than help prop up a leftish party. The only thing they would ever deliver on probably is legalized pot and never on issues related to capitalism. To think otherwise is delusional.


Also, libertarians support market reforms to education, and they oppose trade protectionism (trade is one of Brink's main fields of study). Would the NEA and AFL/CIO be encouraged by libertarian influence within the Democratic Party? Would the Dems want to risk losing union donations by courting libertarians?

But the question can equally fairly be asked 'What in the last 25 years suggests that Democrats/rightists could embrace capitalism'?
The evidence is every bit as sparse... It is certainly reasonable and plausible to infer that Republican acts which give the appearance of favoring capitalism are the result of 'anything my enemy supports', casual opportunism, and favoritism.
After all, which party imposed national wage and price controls?
Expanded government insurance programs?

no hugs for thugs,
Shirley Knott


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