Fish and Fury

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mal_party.JPG The trial of fishermen for vandalism continues:

The Criminal Court has given one month for lawyers to investigate the case of the 18 fishermen accused of vandalism of government property and obstruction of government duty. The lawyers are to spend the month given by the court in researching the incident and finding out what led to the fishermen dumping 25 tonnes of fish onto government property in Haa Alifu atoll Dhidhoo.”

Some other local news:

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whats wrong with you. why are you interested in Maldives so you have any links to Maldives. wonder what makes you so interested in bringing out speration among the Maldivians and talk about all the ills of our society. I am sure there are many things wrong with whatever or however civilized society you live. So try to concentrate on identifying it from your society and let the Maldivians correct their mistakes and reform their society.

- a maldivian


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