Horse Fish?



Local fishermen found the following weird looking fish- if any body knows the scientific name for it, drop in a line.


I saw this fish, depicted as the _first_ fish, on the Discovery Channel special 'Before the Dinosaurs' just last night. I mean, almost exactly. As I recall the fish last existed about 400,000,000 years ago.

A little Googling later, I found the term 'ostracodem', or jawless fish, from the Cambrian Period, 540-500 million years ago. Here's a drawing from fossils, looks just like your guy:

This fish is known as the "ostracodem fanfruitinine caledescent tutinanny" or the one eyed mushroom headed fish. I specialize in marine biology- I know this fish pretty well. You should check out my book on it...The Many Different Types of Mushroom Headed Fish. I love fish.

are you kidding? mushroom headed fish??!?

That's Ostracoderm, actually.

Mushroom headed fish? um... A:This fish has two eyes, B: Why in the world would anyone name it a mushroom headed fish, and C: there is no such book, "The many different types of mushroom headed fish!: '

I googled this fish and found a couple drawings from fossils... one of them looks just like your guy...

I googled this fish and found a couple drawings from fossils... one of them looks just like your guy...

what the heck is a mushroom headed fish??

mushroom headed fish??? r u crazy???
i like horse fish the best, but tutinany was pretty amusing. = )

hey how do you know it has two eyes? the picture only showed one. besides... mushroom headed fish? it's head doesn't even look like a mushroom! but it sure is UGLY. it looks like it would swim kinda retarded though cuz it's butt is small. lol.

That fish looks like a total whore.. I dont like it Because it looks like your mommy and your mom is a fat ripka.

PS I think all fish are good to EAT

I would eat it.

That looks like a chick at my school lol:)


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