The Perfect Anonymizer?

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Will this be the end of internet censorship;

“A modified version of Mozilla Firefox that lets users browse the web anonymously has been released.

The Torpark browser can be stored on and run from a flash USB memory stick, which can effectively turn a PC into an anonymous terminal.

Hacktivismo - an eclectic bunch of lawyers, artists, hackers and human rights activists - has created the modified portable web browser.

On its website the group claims to be "committed to developing technologies in support of the highest standards of human rights."

Explaining the motivation behind Torpack, Hacktivismo founder Oxblood Ruffin said: "We live in a time where acquisition technologies are cherry picking and collating every aspect of our online lives - so it seems that it's a browser attempting to redress that supposed imbalance."

No installation is required to run Torpark but the two folders generated from its free download website have to stay together for the browser to run.

Working in conjunction with The Onion Router (TOR) network, the tool anonymises a user's connection through encryption and constantly changing net addresses. This makes it incredibly difficult for ISPs to track an individuals web-related activity and location.”

I haven’t tried it- let us hear from those who have used it.

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Well, I tried out Torpark. In short, it makes using the Tor network a lot easier, which is a good thing. However as an anonymous browser it leaves a lot to be desired. For one, cookies and Javascript are enabled by default, allowing web sites to determine your real IP address, track your activity and lots more. Anonymous web browsing required a lot more than just rotating IP addresses.

Fortunately, Torpark is Firefox and you can install a few firefox extensions and change a few settings to greatly improve anonymous browsing. I wrote about it at if you're interested.


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