Recent Publications from IMF

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Some recent publications from the IMF which are well worth a read;

Global Financial Stability Report- Market Developments and Issues

World Economic Outlook-Financial Systems and Economic Cycles
(analytical chapters)

Doha Development Agenda and Aid for Trade; “This paper summarizes recent developments in the Doha Round negotiations, and aid for trade. As requested by the Development Committee last September, it reviews existing mechanisms for cross-country and regional aid for trade needs. It proposes possible options to overcome the coordination and capacity problems affecting regional cooperation.”

Corruption and Technology-Induced Private Sector Development; “This paper asks whether corruption might be the outcome of a lack of outside options for public officials or civil servants. We propose an occupational choice model embedded in an agency framework to address the issue. We show that technology-induced private sector expansion leads to a decline in publicly supplied corruption as it provides outside options to public officials who might otherwise engage in corruption. We provide empirical evidence that strongly shows that technology-induced private sector development is associated with a decline in aggregate corruption. This suggests that the decline in publicly supplied corruption outweighs the potential increase in privately supplied corruption that could result from private sector expansion.”

Insuring Public Finances Against Natural Disasters--A Survey of Options and Recent Initiatives; “Natural disasters can put severe strain on public finances, in particular in developing and small countries. But catastrophe insurance markets increasingly offer opportunities for the transfer of such risks. Thus far, developing countries have only tepidly begun to tap these opportunities. More frequent and intensive use of insurance markets may be desirable because it could help introduce an important element of predictability in the post-disaster public finances of disaster-prone developing countries. Against this background, the paper surveys the various available insurance modalities and reviews recent initiatives in developing and emerging market countries. It also identifies some key challenges for the insurance community, donors, and international financial institutions (IFIs).”

Prospects for the World Economy-address By Rodrigo de Rato
Economic Policies and Global Prosperity: Challenges for Asia and the IMF- address by John Lipsky

Latest IMF survey

For comment; Why can’t the international financial institutions release a joint economic outlook? IMF deserves credit for putting online most of its publication unlike the OECD, World Bank, or the ADB.

Chief Economist Jean-Philippe Cotis, OECD on their recent assessment of economic outlook (podcast)
Asian Development Outlook 2006 Update
Labor Markets in Asia: Issues and Perspectives, recent publication of ADB-not available on the web.

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