Podcast of the Day-Crisis of Abundance

Crisis of Abundance: Rethinking How We Pay for Health Care- Arnold Kling’s book presentation at Cato;

“If you follow the video or audio all the way through to the Q&A, you will hear a Congressional aide's rant against economic analysis of health care. I chose not to respond, and I think that was the right choice. The book explains why health care is an economic issue, and I would leave it at that. Frankly, I thought that the audience Q&A did not add much. Just as with comments on blog posts, the first one often sets the tone, so that it's important to get a good question first.”

Listen to the podcast. Here is a discussion of the book at Tech Central Station. Also a Cato interview Arnold Kling.

Podcasts; Cogan on Improving the Health Care System, The Economics of Medical Malpractice
Sylvia Allegretto, an economist at the Economic Policy Institute and author of "The State of Working America," talks with Bloomberg's Tom Keene from Washington about her analysis of the U.S. labor market. Listen to the podcast.


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