India - Five-year roadmap to fuller rupee convertibility

The Hindu reports;

“The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Committee, headed by S. S. Tarapore, on Fuller Capital Account Convertibility has recommended that the scheme should be implemented in a five-year period in three phases and at the end of the five-year period ending in 2010-11, "there would be a comprehensive review to chalk out the future plan of action".

The committee, whose report was submitted to the RBI on July 31 and which was made public on Friday, recommended that the annual limit of remittance by individuals to open foreign currency accounts overseas be raised to $50,000 in phase one from the current level of $25,000 and further raised to $100,000 in phase two and $200,000 in phase three. Difficulties in operating this scheme should be reviewed, it observed. Since this facility straddles the current and capital accounts, the Committee recommended that "where current account transactions are restricted, that is, gifts, donations and travel, these should be raised to an overall ceiling of $25,000 without any sub-limit".

"All individual non-residents should be allowed to invest in the Indian stock market through SEBI registered entities including mutual funds and portfolio management Schemes who will be responsible for meeting Know-Your-Customer norms and the money should come through bank accounts in India". It recommended allowing non-resident corporates also to invest in Indian stock markets in the same manner the RBI allowed non-resident individuals...”

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