Niall Ferguson on Radical Islam

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“The great category error of our time is to equate radical Islamism with fascism. If you actually read what Osama bin Laden says, it's clearly Lenin plus the Koran. It's internationalist, revolutionary, and anticapitalist-rhetoric far more of the left than of the right. And radical Islamism is good at recruiting within our society, within western society generally. In western Europe, to an extent people underestimate here, the appeal of radical Islamism extends beyond Muslim communities.”

- Interview at Boston Globe


Radical Islam in Pakistan; For years there has been debate over Pakistan's role in international terrorism. What is the link between Islamic extremism and Pakistan and when and how did it emerge?

The American Muslim Dilemma

Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Hurting U.S. Terror Fight;

“The war in Iraq has become a primary recruitment vehicle for violent Islamic extremists, motivating a new generation of potential terrorists around the world whose numbers may be increasing faster than the United States and its allies can reduce the threat, U.S. intelligence analysts have concluded.

A 30-page National Intelligence Estimate completed in April cites the "centrality" of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and the insurgency that has followed, as the leading inspiration for new Islamic extremist networks and cells that are united by little more than an anti-Western agenda. It concludes that, rather than contributing to eventual victory in the global counterterrorism struggle, the situation in Iraq has worsened the U.S. position, according to officials familiar with the classified document.”

1 Comment

I'm tired of all this instability in the world and moreover the innocent people's sufferings!!! I wanted very much to find out the ideas of the Islam and last year made up my mind to fly to the Emirates!!! I was shocked at getting acquainted nearer with this nation!!! You know, I didn't meet fanatics among them - really very nice people and very hospitable!!! We got acquainted with a family and a very religious one! The women are very beautiful and very good hostess: they stuffed us with food, telling that we eat badly in the Dubai hotel!!! Well, they were really wrong, because the hotel was the best and cuisine was excellent!!! Thus, I think that there are as good and as bad people in every nation in the equal degree!!! :)


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