A New Map of the Middle East?


An article in Armed Forces Journal suggests we need to revise the map of the of the Middle East;

“A just alignment in the region would leave Iraq's three Sunni-majority provinces as a truncated state that might eventually choose to unify with a Syria that loses its littoral to a Mediterranean-oriented Greater Lebanon: Phoenecia reborn. The Shia south of old Iraq would form the basis of an Arab Shia State rimming much of the Persian Gulf. Jordan would retain its current territory, with some southward expansion at Saudi expense. For its part, the unnatural state of Saudi Arabia would suffer as great a dismantling as Pakistan.

A root cause of the broad stagnation in the Muslim world is the Saudi royal family's treatment of Mecca and Medina as their fiefdom. With Islam's holiest shrines under the police-state control of one of the world's most bigoted and oppressive regimes — a regime that commands vast, unearned oil wealth — the Saudis have been able to project their Wahhabi vision of a disciplinarian, intolerant faith far beyond their borders. The rise of the Saudis to wealth and, consequently, influence has been the worst thing to happen to the Muslim world as a whole since the time of the Prophet, and the worst thing to happen to Arabs since the Ottoman (if not the Mongol) conquest.

While non-Muslims could not effect a change in the control of Islam's holy cities, imagine how much healthier the Muslim world might become were Mecca and Medina ruled by a rotating council representative of the world's major Muslim schools and movements in an Islamic Sacred State — a sort of Muslim super-Vatican — where the future of a great faith might be debated rather than merely decreed. True justice — which we might not like — would also give Saudi Arabia's coastal oil fields to the Shia Arabs who populate that subregion, while a southeastern quadrant would go to Yemen. Confined to a rump Saudi Homelands Independent Territory around Riyadh, the House of Saud would be capable of far less mischief toward Islam and the world.

Iran, a state with madcap boundaries, would lose a great deal of territory to Unified Azerbaijan, Free Kurdistan, the Arab Shia State and Free Baluchistan, but would gain the provinces around Herat in today's Afghanistan — a region with a historical and linguistic affinity for Persia. Iran would, in effect, become an ethnic Persian state again, with the most difficult question being whether or not it should keep the port of Bandar Abbas or surrender it to the Arab Shia State.

What Afghanistan would lose to Persia in the west, it would gain in the east, as Pakistan's Northwest Frontier tribes would be reunited with their Afghan brethren (the point of this exercise is not to draw maps as we would like them but as local populations would prefer them). Pakistan, another unnatural state, would also lose its Baluch territory to Free Baluchistan. The remaining "natural" Pakistan would lie entirely east of the Indus, except for a westward spur near Karachi.”

Via Cartography blog.

*I do not share the views of the author


The creation of the islamic sacred state would be a great , amazing idea .

Ex why ! Some people who disagree with the saudi Famiy are refused visas and not allowed to perform their pilgrimage as if the saudis own those sacred places . if it was indpenedent from th saudis , even the staff of AL Jazeera (banned) could go and visit the holy places . I hope it happens so i could visit too , but as long as they remain i would rather give my pilgrimage money to charity .

hi my name is zana i am 12 years old i am from kurdistan iran bat i am leavin ireland

hi this not map kurdistan map kurdistan very big

Am concerned about the conspiracy behind the author thoughts. Why is he so much concerned about dividing the Muslim world as per people and their resources? Compared to the difference in opinions of different Muslims,after all all r Muslims so if he (author) is so much Free then he should think about dividing US or UK etc. Ill give him a suggestion;divide US between Democrats etc and Gays, Lesbians, Chronics, Murderers, Politicians n Jews.The rest of the normal crowd all together. Hows the idea dumbo (author)?

roll this map and fix it on kurds' mouths

The time is right for realize this map. Turkey is very big, it must be parted, Kurdistan must be free.


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