Podcast of the Day- Gene Sperling’s Labor Market


Gene Sperling, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress talks with Bloomberg's Tom Keene from Washington about his approach to analyzing the strength of the labor market and the outlook for the midterm elections. Listen to the podcast.

Pro-Growth Progressive-book presentation at Google
Sperling interview with Charlie Rose
Could I ever become a Democrat?-Tyler Cowen
A article on the book by Sperling


a link to the op-ed that is discussed in the report;
"First, the full range of data on the labor market is a long way from showing that we face a significant increase in wages, much less an inflationary threat.
Second, whatever direction wages are headed now, pay has risen little during the past five years even as unemployment has fallen and productivity has gained.
That raises questions about whether today's labor market is still governed by the rules of our old Economics 101 textbook."


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