A Government Free Island Declared

Hulhudheli_beach_erosion.jpgIn the Maldives, an environmental protest by the islanders of Huludheli, continues for the 3rd day with the people locking up all the government buildings in the island;

“The island office has been boarded up, the fishing dhonis remain in their moorings and the jetty has been closed to outside visitors.

Welcome to Dhaalu, Hulhudheli, where one of first public strikes in the Maldives’ history has commenced in one of its smallest communities.

For fifteen years Hulhudheli islanders have complained that coastal erosion is threatening their very existence. On Saturday, their patience with government inaction finally snapped.

Hulhudheli’s 741 inhabitants downed tools and declared the island a government no-go area. The atoll chief, the police and the army have all been warned not to set foot on Hulhudheli.

More photos of the beach erosion.

This is how a protest in another island was ended.


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