Podcast of the Day- Sporting Globalization & why Soccer is not boring




Globalization now describes just about everything, from the way we do business right through to the way we watch the football World Cup. So what are the implications for sport in a world where global is rapidly replacing local? Listen to the podcast.


Why Tyler Cowen find soccer boring

Tell that soccer is boring to this woman from Maldives; a 55 old lady smashes TV set, throws around noodles following Brazil’s World Cup loss- soccer is truly universal.

Merkel makes hay while Germans watch the play

If football was a drug it would be outlawed

The World Cup Final of Culture

If still you find soccer boring try this; How to appreciate a soccer game on TV


So watching paint dry would be fascinating if only the paint had been applied by teams from various global regions?
Never suspected that...
Soccer is not only boring, it is pointless, unlike paint and the drying thereof.

Shirley Knott

FIFA the world football (soccer) organization have established a fund to compensate clubs for injuries” of the players, during a World Cup, among nations, and this sure does not sound right. If a player cannot play for his country because of other commitments, so be it, but to have to insure him to compensate his club or agent sounds like if FIVA is giving up on globalization and going for clubalization

When the fun is watching the fans, or watching the players strip, the “sport” has a problem. Soccer, which is fun to play, I played it as a kid and my grand daughters play it, just needs a 3 point rule to be interesting. Seriously, a few rule changes to reduce the bias in favor of defense would make soccer quite fun to watch also. The off-side rule has to go. The goal should be widened by 6 feet and moved 5 yards in from the end line so you can play behind the goal.

With those changes, world cup games would be 6 - 4 and 7 - 3 instead of 1 - 1 after 2 hours of “play.” The Italians didn’t win the World Cup by out playing the French, they were luck on the bounce of one French penalty kick that hit the top bar and bounced out in stead of in. That is about as exciting as having the NBA championship decided by Jordan and Bird each shooting 10 free throws and one of Jordan’s bounces off the rim.

lol @ how threatened american feels by "sawker". They know that its more watched and entertains more people than all their american sports combined. And it drives them insane.


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