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shakira album.jpgAccording to this article;

“Russia is already the second-biggest source of pirate music, film and software in the world after China — costing U.S. companies nearly $1.8 billion last year, according to anti-piracy groups. The Web site just adds to the dispute.

World music downloading leader iTunes charges a fixed 99 cents per song, but the Russian site offers tracks for a 10th of that price. Songs from the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new double album, Stadium Arcadium, cost between 10 and 16 cents. The whole of Oral Fixation, Vol. 2, the latest album by Colombian pop star Shakira, can be had for just $1.40.”

Via Russia Blog

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I don't agree with the whole music piracy issue. I understand they may have sung these songs however they were written by someone else. These artist sing a song which is not work nor a job but is a hobbie. These people don't work. While the average american busts his rear all day long and barely survives. Yet for entertainment, and thankfully for these artists with there talents we spend money to see them in concerts and by their albums.

The issue is they make million after million and then throw a fit when they aren't getting xtra millions every year because the people aren't buying there albums to keep them rich as hell. This is theft to the people as well as Greed and the last time I checked greed is a sin. the closest thing to work they do is going on tours so if they are getting to poor then do a tour and work for your money like the rest of the americans do. Hell we pay for you to travel. There are plenty of people who still buy these albums to where there shouldn't be that big of an issue if people are downloading from the net. to anyone including, the others making a profit.

Honestly there needs to be laws made on the prices that things are allowed to be sold for and the profit allowed. It doesn't cost $15-$20 to make a cd a case or any other part of it, in fact it costs less than that, about a $1 so the the albums we buy in stores should only cost at the most $3 and if added by the number of people who buy the albums you'll still make it in to the millions.

In my opinion and I'm pretty sure Gods as well. Not only are these artists who are whining about people not buying albums, and who are downloading them free are greedy people in my eyes. These companies that make them and contract these artists are more than likely the biggest whiners and theives of them all they are extremely greedy and all thy care about is money and making sure they can butt rape anyone, to get the money. So because of this greed I won't buy another album and will get them free regardless. GREED IS A SIN. SO all the money that people have spent on album after album especially everytime there is a technology change like record to 8-track 8-track to tapes and so on. So for you whiny ass greedy people go get a job like the rest of us and earn your money instead of butt rapping everyone. Quit your whining because your not getting every single penny you can milk out of everyone.

Sincerely, from someone who hates greedy people


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