Facts about Poverty in South Africa

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A recent article from UN highlights;

“According to the Basic Income Grant (BIG) lobby group, around half of South Africa's 47 million people are poor. But the government's welfare scheme - child grants, pensions, foster children support and disability payments - reach only 11 million people

Child support grants pay R190 (US$27) per child per month, roughly R6 (85 cents) a day - about the cost of a loaf-and-a-half of bread. Around seven million children receive the means-tested payments, and that money often supports an entire family

An unemployment rate estimated at around 40 percent…

It believes a total of 12 million children up to the age of 18 live in poverty.”

Interview with the author of recent survey on South Africa at The Economist

Value of foreign direct investment soars ; THE value of mergers and acquisitions in SA soared 63% last year, helping the country eclipse India for the first time in terms of foreign direct investment, according to Ernst & Young


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