Some Facts about Bollywood


“Although Bollywood's budgets and box-office takes still do not compare to Hollywood's, the scale of the business is not trivial. According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers report, India's film business earned $1.12 billion in 2004, up from $617 million in 2001, though that would not cover the takings from one Harry Potter film. In 2003, the industry earned more than $703 million. Much of this success is driven by global popularity. An average Indian movie's budget is $500,000 (though the major titles can budget more than $10 million), far below the average $14 million spent in the US.

PricewaterhouseCoopers believes that Bollywood will double its turnover by 2009. Since 2001, the government has allowed financial institutions to finance up to $1 million of a picture's budget or up to about 40% of the total production cost. A Rabo India study indicates that the number of films financed through organized sources last year went up 200% against 2002, though the total corporate finance into films is still quite low and was a little more than $150 million in 2004.

According to a study by KPMG, although India produces more films than any other country, its share of global cinema revenue is a lowly 1%. The US leads with 60%, and India is far behind Japan, the UK and France as well. However, KPMG projects that the revenue of the Indian film industry will cross $2 billion next year and $3.5 billion by 2010.”

- Foreign shoots spread Bollywood's reach

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~x~ L

yea i no so hav i n i cnt fid any info ... im guessin uv dun urs already so hav u got any tips?

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Thanks man, this helped MY coursework quite a bit, I just needed some basic info on the Bollywood film industry, and this is what I needed. thanks.

i think u shoul include more facts abouf bollywood coz i need to no 10 factzs and im strugerlin xx thinkx

not really helped me with my project!It is a bit Bummer! =(

yeeeaaa this didnt really help, all i needed was some straight facts on Bollywood, erm like 10?

This is wrong. Seems like people are getting a bit edgy now that Indians are showing talent in more areas that people originally thought. Sucks for you guys though. Bollywood Cinema is the largest film industry in the world and the stars of bollywood consists of Miss Universes, Miss Worlds, and Miss India. So next time think about the good things than downplaying real talent.

I needed some facts for ma prsention dis didn't hlp me 1 bit
u mt wna cnge ur info

I cant find facts anywhere? This DID NOT HELP!!!! :/ x


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