Google Spreadsheets Beta Not Ready for PrimeTime


Some people have noted the lack of pivot tables and graphing capabilities, but I've had far more fundamental problems using Google Spreadsheets Beta in Firefox These aren't bugs, but differences in usage from Excel that make it unlikely that I will be transferring to GS any time soon:

1) Formulas in INactive cells DON'T automatically change with a cut and paste. If in any cell (say D20) you write a formula that links to another cell (say B1), and then cut and paste B1 to any other cell, your formula in D20 isn't told of that the cut and past, so it continues to link to B1, even though there's nothing in it. And it doesn't matter if D20 links to $B$1 or B1. This alone kills the app's usefulness for me, as I do tons of manipulation requiring this functionality.

2) Some formulas in a cut cell DO change with a cut and paste. If you have a formula in D20 linking to B1, and cut and past D20 to D21, the cell will now link to B2 instead of B1. This is unexpected. You have to link to B$1 in order for a cut and paste of D20 to not change the row number D20 links to. This isn't terrible in and of itself, but I'm not used to the app working this way, since in Excel, when you cut and paste a cell, the formula in the cell doesn't change, ever.

3) There is no specialized right-click menu. Which I should have realized immediately. All you get is the standard browser right-click functions. I right click A LOT in Excel, and immediately say a tremendous decrease in productivity having to hunt for menus.

Will have to check to see how well GS works in IE.


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