‘Crackdown on Sugar Hoarders to be Launched’

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Breaking news from Pakistan;

Monopoly Control Authority (MCA) said Saturday stock 1.2 million ton sugar was available with sugar mills by May 31, 2006, which they didn’t release in the market. However, action on this count would be taken against the hoarders.

A total stock of 2.97 million ton sugar was reported by May 31, 2006 of which 1.738 million ton sugar was sold out and the sugar mills 1.169 million ton sugar amassed in their godowns instead of releasing it in the market, according to Authority.

MCA told a crackdown would be launched on those involved in the sugar hoarding, which skyrocketed the sugar prices in the market.”


World Bank to double aid to Pakistan -- Will the money help?

Inflation in Pakistan: Money or Wheat?
Summary: This paper examines the relative importance of monetary factors and structuralist supply-side factors for inflation in Pakistan. A stylized inflation model is specified that includes standard monetary variables (money supply, credit to the private sector), the exchange rate, as well as the wheat support price as a supply-side factor that has received considerable attention in Pakistan. The model is estimated for the period January 1998 to June 2005 on a monthly basis. The results indicate that monetary factors have played a dominant role in recent inflation, affecting inflation with a lag of about one year. Changes in the wheat support price influence inflation in the short run, but not in the long run. Furthermore, the wheat support price matters only over the medium term if accommodated by monetary policy.

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