Anglobalisation and British Empire

A must listen podcast from the BBC;

“To mark the end of Radio 4's This Sceptred Isle: Empire series, some of this country's best-known historians will be examining how Britain and other countries around the world have been changed by their experience of empire. They'll be discussing whether Britain should apologise and make reparation for its imperial past or glory in it, and asking whether the twenty-first century will see the birth of new empires- Eric Hobsbawm, Niall Ferguson, Robert Beckford, Linda Colley and Priya Gopal.”

The debate gets very heated at times. I think one way to view the role of British Empire and its relation with the colonies like India is to look at it as India or any other colony giving a huge interest free loan to Britain- this point was highlighted by the late Mahbub ul Haq in one of his books.

Related podcast;

Francis Fukuyama- No longer neocon; The man who wrote The End of History? is now disenchanted with American foreign policy. Fukuyama remains a conservative, but has strong views on what has gone wrong. He sees a need to demilitarise the struggle against violent fundamentalism.


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