A Reality Check on Iraq

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After watching the latest Foreign Exchange show, it seems to me that the only way forward in Iraq is Divide and Heal- the hatred among the three parties is really unbelievable.

Nir Rosen author of In the Belly of the Green Bird: The Triumph of the Martyrs in Iraq, discussed the new reality that is emerging in Iraq- a bleak plunge into civil war.

For Comment; do you agree with Fareed Zakaria?

“I'm glad that the president has finally admitted to some mistakes in Iraq. But what worries me is that he still seems to be persisting in one important error. In his press conference last week, the only concrete plan he outlined to move forward—on a path out of Iraq—was a better-functioning Iraqi Army and police force. In this respect Bush is hardly alone. Many who criticize him on the right and left say that the training of Iraqi troops is happening too slowly, or that we need more American troops, or that we should flood the city of Baghdad with forces to stabilize it. But all of these solutions are technocratic and military, while the problem in Iraq is fundamentally political. Until we fully recognize this, doing more of the same will accomplish little.”

Related; Juan Cole's suggested reading list on Middle East, and these photos by Nir tell the story vividly.

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Your reality check bounced.


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