The Seven Podcasts for the Coming Week

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John Kenneth Galbraith; one of the towering figures of the 20th century, died last week at the age of 97. This program is a replay of a conversation Phillip had with Galbraith at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1999.

Sex in Hinduism; The lingam and the yoni are two of the sacred symbols of Hinduism. The Kamasutra is a multi-volume work on sex, passion, eroticism and the arts. And Gods become Goddesses and vice versa in Hindu myth. What do all these prevalent sexual themes mean? And is the appearance of bi-sexuality in Hindu myths an endorsement of gay sex? Wendy Doniger, from the University of Chicago, is an expert in Hindu religion and mythology and she tells us about sex in Hinduism.

Mind your Mind – Alzheimer’s Disease; There are 25 million people in the world suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and the figure is forecast to double every 20 years. It’s now believed that the changes in our brains that lead to the disease may begin decades before the symptoms appear. What are the early signs and how can you distinguish them from natural memory loss, which comes with aging? We also hear from a woman who cares for her husband with Alzheimer’s and an Australian scientist who’s developing a promising new drug that may stop the disease from progressing.

The Future of Religion; Reports of the death of religion have been greatly exaggerated. We look at the prognosis for religion, from world-wide surveys of religious observance to creative expressions of spirituality, and declare it - alive!

Philosophy 101; Yes, but what is it that philosophers do exactly? Do they ask hard questions or come up with hard answers or both? Does what they do differ from what scientists do, and why don’t scientists care about philosophy? This week, we ask three philosophers what they do and why they do it.

Interview with Kwame Owino, an economist with the Institute of Economic Affairs in Nairobi, Kenya. They discuss topics such as the future of telecoms and call centres in Africa, how coffee farmers have switched production, and how open source software can boost access to ICT in education. Related; Picasso and Africa

A New Axis of Power ; While the US looks east, the countries in its own backyard are forging new internal alliances and external ties that could have deep repercussions for both US and world politics. Emilio San Pedro examines the left-wing populism currently sweeping Latin America in this two-part series; Part 1 and Part 2.

Please note that a lot of these podcasts are time sensitive, so download now.

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Labour peer Lord Desai on J K Galbraith; calls Galbraith the Jeffrey Archer of Economics; certianly not a fan of his.


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