Introducing some new and old blogs


Robert Reich has started a blog; I wish he started podcasting, he’s always interesting to listen to like in this podcast with the title How Unequal Can America Get Before We Snap?

The Aussie Econ Bloggers; You all know John Quiggin; I once tried following his ‘what am I reading’ posts, I came to conclusion he must be speed reading champion economist. Other Aussie bloggers worth visiting regularly Harry Clarke, Andrew Leigh, Joshua Gans and group blog Catallaxy.

Environmental bloggers; Oikos (an Aussie), Ecological Economics and Environmental Economics.

Health related; Healthcare Economist, Food Policy blog

Libertarians; Jeffrey Alan Miron and Mike Munger

Information Visualization; Assemble Me

Econ 101; Aplia Econ Blog, Beat the Press

Others; Risk Markets and Politics, Organizations and Markets

Development and Governance Blogs; Hans Rossling (founder of Gapminder), The Nata Village Blog, Development Researcher, Development Bank Research Bulletin, Next Billion, Our Word is Our Weapon, Adam Smithee, Go Figure, Talk About Corruption, Governance Focus.

David Warsh- blog discussing his book Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations


Thanks for the plug. Truck and Barter an excellent blog which I often read and which I cite on my blogroll.



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