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foi.jpg“I am completely mystified by just what your problem is....People who deal with the arms trade, even if they are sitting in a government by day carry out transactions knowing that at some point bribery is involved. Obviously I and my colleagues in this office do not ourselves engage in it, but we believe that various people who are somewhere along the train of our transactions do. They do not tell us what they are doing and we do not inquire. We are interested in the end result.”

- the reply of a British army chief to a query from Britain’s ambassador in Venezuela as to whether the government was prepared to tolerate bribery in arms deals.

Such facts and more others ( British royal family received more than £1 million in farm subsidies from the European Union) are being revealed since introduction of Freedom of Information Acts around the world.

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1 Comment

It's interesting that in the U.S., we have the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to ensure that corporations do not claim that bribes to foreign governments are "the normal course of business," yet we invite the leader of the most corrupt government on Earth -- China's Communist dictators -- to the White House for an "offical visit."


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