A Carnival of Podcasts for the Weekend

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The Beautiful Mind…some recent fascinating insights into the causes and risk factors for schizophrenia. And young woman tells of her lonely battle to tame her fragmented mind.

Seafood and the Mind…some remarkable findings from a British study looking at the effect of giving fish oil supplements to children with ADHD and learning difficulties. And the figures showing significantly lower depression rates in countries which eat lots of seafood may give you an idea for tonight’s dinner!

A Mother's Nightmare…A baby is dead. A mother is in jail. She maintains her innocence. A seven-year-old may be to blame.

God: An Itinerary

House Design and Violence … Architect Claire Bennett says the way we design our modern houses is encouraging violent behaviour.

How design drives capitalism…Professor Robert Reich in his book The Future of Success outlines how our unfulfilled desires drive capitalism.

Microsoft and the Australian tribe… Anne Kirah is an anthropologist, her skill honed by fieldwork in immigration centres. Now she works for Microsoft as chief anthropologist.

The changing role of government… Shadow Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner of Australia

China: innovation and productivity

Literary animals- ending the debate of nature versus nurture

Trust and charities… Don D'Cruz has been casting a critical eye on the aid industry for some years, at first when he worked with the Institute of Public Affairs, and now as an independent commentator.

Governing by Network … Back in the 1980s there was a wave of changes to governments – increasing privatisation and outsourcing, a new recognition that governments didn't actually have to deliver all the services for which they accepted responsibility. Bill Egger's book Governing by Network seeks to take this process much further and has gradually been gathering a reputation as something of a signpost to the future

The art of demotivation …Recent data says that people are increasingly unhappy with their jobs. The root of the problem says Dr EL Kirsten is the 'noble employee myth', the idea that if people are unhappy at work, there must be some problem with the organisation. But could it be that we all just expect too much from our work and the organisations we work with.

Private education in developing countries

Genetics of nicotine dependence

Don’t worry if you’re obsese …Research from the US suggests that the risk factors from being overweight or obese may not be as big as has been suggested

Tim Flannery, whose book The Weather Makers, has made a considerable impact around the world, explains why he is not put off by those who are unconvinced by warnings about climate change.

David Ellyard has produced a book Who Discovered What When, about the superstars of science from the past 500 years. The list is both reassuring and surprising. Who is missing? Who snuck in? Where are the Australians?

Big Ideas Are Better…The opening night debate from the 2006 Ideas Festival in Brisbane. In front of a crowd of 1600 people, six guest speakers debate the assertion that big ideas are better (than small ones).

Climate change…Meet the law professor who's off to the North Pole to focus atttention on global warming.

Criminals and privacy… Last week, in New Zealand, a convicted paedophile was awarded $20,000 for 'breach of privacy' after police distributed a leaflet bearing his photo, his address and his criminal record. Legitimate community policing or vigilantism?

Date rape…Similar fact evidence: six girls make sexual assault allegations against one boy – so should there be one trial, or six different trials? If a jury hears six different stories is that prejudicial to the accused, or is it legitimate, probative evidence?

The Life and Grimes of Rudolf Diesel- the creator of diesel engine

Fruits of War…war what’s it good for

Triangulation…Most of us know about the square on the hypotenuse, but Pythagoras’s theorem is not simply a way of computing hypotenuses. It is an emblem of the very process of proof itself.

Knowing what you didn’t know you knew … How can we acquire knowledge about anything? If you’ve already got it, you don’t need it and, if you haven’t got it, you don’t know you need it. This is one of the questions that Plato asked in his dialogue Meno …

Does science tell the truth?

Niall Ferguson on Islam and demographics

Latest Science Show from Radio National … disappearing tea spoons/ fish oil and brain development

Sceptical and Spooked … Inveterate sceptic, Will Storr, takes on poltergeists and Electronic Voice Phenomena to test his philosophical atheism.

The Nazi Hunters … Prosecuting fugitive Nazis has not been easy, says Ephraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, but the pursuit of justice is paramount, even when it’s too little too late

Globalisation Institute podcast interview with with Dan Ikenson, a Trade Policy Analyst at the Cato Institute in Washington DC. ..discusses the rising anti-Chinese feeling in the US Senate, the proposed 27.5% tariff on Chinese goods, and the issue of whether Americans should be worried about the rising US trade deficit – and whether this is sustainable.

A brand new series of podcasts from the World Bank; Urban Development and Globalization , Trade and International Development, Energy, Malnutrition and Hunger, The Rise and Fall of Nations, Business Unusual

An ex-World Banker – Bill Easterly critiques the development community and urges for independent evaluation of aid. Great speech delivered with a remarkable sense of humour and irony. (webcast)

Markets, Networks and Governments : Issues in the Debate on Global Governance
Kemal Dervis, Administrator at the UN Development Program and former Finance Minister of Turkey

Latest Bloomberg podcasts; interview with Tim O'Neill, principal at O'Neill Strategic Economics and Joseph LaVorgna , chief U.S. fixed-income economist at Deutsche Bank Securities about U.S. economic growth, global trade, China's currency and trade policies, bond yields and Federal Reserve monetary policy.

Ben Franklin: Conservative, Libertarian, or Radical Democrat ….Featuring the author, Mark Skousen, compiler and editor of The Compleated Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

Electing to Fight: Why Emerging Democracies Go to War

Corruption in Kenya- A Whistleblower’s Account

The Carolinian Renaissance … In 800 AD on Christmas Day in Rome, Pope Leo III proclaimed Charlemagne Emperor. According to the Frankish historian Einhard, Charlemagne would never have set foot in St Peter's that day if he had known that the Pope intended to crown him. But Charlemagne accepted his coronation with magnanimity. Regarded as the first of the Holy Roman Emperors, Charlemagne became a touchstone for legitimacy until the institution was brought to an end by Napoleon in 1806…How did Charlemagne become the most powerful man in Western Europe and how did he finance his conquest? Why was he able to draw Europe's most impressive scholars to his court? How successful was he in his quest to reform his church and educate the clergy? And can the Carolingian period really be called a Renaissance?

The Today Lecture from BBC – featuring a new series of lectures organized with the Chatham House. The inaugural lecture is by Jack Straw and Condoleezza Rice..the usual stuff defending the war with Iraq but Rice wears a little bit of her academic hat as well and sometimes very moving. Highly recommended.

The lastest program from Foreign Exchange TV – a flage ship program hosted by Fareed Zakaria. The focus is on role of NGOs, global equity markets and higher education. How have Australia managed to capture 10 percent of the world market for students seeking an English-language education? Features discussion by the likes of Sebastian Malleaby and Ruchir Sharma at Morgan Stanley.

-Please note that a lot of above podcasts are time sensitive and won't be available if you don't download now.

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