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How much is a good starting wage for a newly trained Volvo mechanic who lacks any experience? Pat Goss has a reality check for those who don't see the link between pay and productivity:

Washington, D.C.: Dear Pat,

My brother is 19. In February he will have completed a year of training at UTI (where he finished top of his class) and four months of specialized training at Volvo in Chicago (where he is also top of his class). Though Volvo guarantees placement somewhere after graduation, over Thanksgiving he met with a few Volvo dealerships in the area to see about securing a job before he is done with school. I was shocked to see that he was offered jobs that paid only $14 an hour. Do you feel he was low-balled by these dealerships? Is there room for negotiations? I know nothing about cars or garages ... just a big sister trying to get a little more info. Thoughts?

Pat Goss: Low-balled? What does he bring to the table? He has no real experience. He has no real training. In the outside world that would be a reasonably good starting point. Yeah I know the schools tell tales of enormous salaries but that does not usually happen unless the person has experience. Besides the hourly rate is not nearly as important as his ability to produce work. Most shops pay on hours completed which is then converted to an adjusted hourly wage. If he's good he can easily convert the $14 an hour into $35 or more simply by producing more work relative to book allowed hours.

[Emphasis added]


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