The Immigrant Riot in Sweden


As a middle eastern immigrant to Sweden, I would like to give my perspectives to the issue, raised by the massive riots in France and smaller riots in Denmark.

While nothing on the French scale has ever happened in Sweden (and probably never will), we also have similar problem with lawlessness and unrest in immigrant ghettos.

The most recent incident was in Ronna, about 1 hour from the capital of Stockholm. This September Ronna experienced unrest, involving clashed with the police, rock throwing and a subsequent machine gun attack on the police station (no one was hit).

The population of Ronna is almost 100% immigrant, few hold jobs and the majority live of various forms of welfare or social transfer. Many, perhaps most of the older generation, do not speak Swedish.

At it’s core Ronna (and Rosengard, and other Swedish ghettos) face the same situation as Paris, albeit milder: The resentment towards the host country is so large that the areas have become almost impossible to police. A large proportion of the inhabitants simply hate Swedes, not the least the police. They also know due to mild laws they can do pretty much what they want and get away with it.

The events in Ronna may be intresting for Americans, go get an image. This is what seems to have happened:

1. It’s 8 in the evening. A street gang of boys sees a young Swedish girl walk by to her job in a store, and yells sexists and racist remarks at her. I suppose the literal translation is “Swedish whore” (this is quite common, middle eastern gender roles have merged nicely with US Rap influence). The boys also throw a object at her neck. The girls responds by calling them a racial slur.

2. The girls cries and calls her father, who drives there and threatens to inform the police. The young men laugh at this, given their experience with the lax Swedish law enforcement and penal system. The father has had enough however and does call the cops. The police do arrive, at first trying to handle the situation peacefully. Here one of the boys attacks psychically attacks the girl and her friend with the police watching (!).

3. Finally the police try to apprehend the young men. Here all hell brakes loose. A large crowd of relatives, friends and neighbors have gathered, including many more young men. With our primate tribal mentality, they take the boys side, attacking the police with rocks.

4. The Police ask for large reinforcements, but are ultimately pushed out by the riot, involving a few hundred people. The police arrest 3 of the rioters (and none of the young boys, they were rational to laugh it would seem) and retreat out. Later that night, with the girl and her father giving testimony, a car drives by and fires at the police station.

The immediate aftermath is also illuminating. Predictably the media take the rioters side, with most of the news events focusing on accusations of “police brutality” and the police “provoking” the riot. The first few days nothing is mentioned in the news about the details, for example the nationality of the girl…

This time the leftwing media overplayed their hand. Once the 17 year old girl went public it was much harder to make the immigrants the victims. Furthermore, one prominent community leaders make things worse. He put the blame on the police, and referred to the harassment, rock throwing and attempts at physical violence against the girl and her friend as “unsuccessful flirtation”.

There is nothing physically wrong with Ronna, the standard of living is reasonable. You are close to economically successful cities with low unemployment. What strikes you is the cultural difference. The problems are social norms and social capital. I lived in Ronna for a few months. The first thing I saw when stepping out of the bus was a woman with a 150 pund large black pig on a leash. In some ways, the segregation is so extreme that you might as well be in another continent.

The I-word

From an American perspective, you are naturally asking whether the unrest in France is caused by Islamic extremism. I don’t know that, but I can guarantee you the unrest in Ronna was not. The population are overwhelmingly Christian Assyrian.

My guess would be that the same underlying cause that leads to the popularity of Islamic extremism is causing the social problems. Tribal mentality, lack of westerns ideals of enlightenment ideals, pure nationalism are some guesses. Islam is at the least a contributing factor, but not the only one.

The economical environment plays a crucial role, interacting with misdirected social politics of “tolerance”. In the US the same immigrants respond to the economic incentives and opportunities. They get jobs, work hard and often succeed. This has two results: they automatically absorb the language and cultural rules, and they do not confuse the results of bad labor market policies with discrimination.

One question I heard Americans ask about France is why the immigrants are so ungrateful. After all, they are getting billions of euros in subsidies from the French taxpayers, and enjow a higher standard of living than in their country of origin? I have a simple theory of this. It is the same mechanism that explains why Frenchmen, Germans, South Koreans and other countries that have objectively received most help from the US are also most anti-American.

Many people do not like to feel gratitude against others. Now imagine that you know that you should be grateful to someone that you hate or dislike! If given a coherent set of beliefs that reduced the need to feel gratitude you might prefer this to the rational explanation. Frenchmen choice Chomskyite history revisionism, attributing selfishness and malice to the US role during WWII. Swedish (and French) immigrants readily accept progressive theories of society which make them victims and give them claim to entitlement. By not having any demands society reinforced bad beliefs and bad behaviour.


"No good deed goes unpunished"

You Euros need to seriously study the writings and works of Rudy Giulliani. The situation in Paris and elsewhere is classic "broken windows" syndrome. Once the police lose control of a place, it is very, very easy for violance to escalate into widespread lawlessness.

There is a reason that the great blackouts of the 1960s and 1970s resulted in widespread looting in NYC, but the one that occured in 2003(?) did not. That reason is named Rudy Giulliani. I wonder if the Frogs are going to use him as a consultant.

hello , would you pleas tell me how could i immigrate to sewden ?!

I'm from France & I tought that it was a pretty racist country according to american friends and knowing the hypocrit mentality.

But this is nothing compared to norden countries such as denmark and sweden !! These are probably the most racist countries after south-africa !

Why immigrants hate their host countries but remain staying there and stir up turmoils? Do their home countries refuse their return? Or they feel living in a hostile environment is the right way to raise their kids who will turn violent soon?


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